The Royal Theater Community Heritage Corporation
The Royal Theater and ommunity heritage Corporation
The Mission & Vision
The Royal Theater & Community Heritage Corporation is a 501(C)3 non-profit formed to rebuild "The Royal Theater" and support the redevelopment of our Historic Pennsylvania Avenue and it's legacy of art, entertainment and community pride.

Although the times have changed and the community has visibly transformed, the rich history of The Royal Theater and its legacy continue to pulsate through Pennsylvania Avenue and people who have experienced it and those that have heard the stories... The revival of The Royal Theater through the development of The Royal Theater and Community Heritage Center speaks directly to TRTCHC's mission;

The purpose and mission of this organization is to connect today's generation to the history and culture of their community and create the lost sense of pride and hope. To develop the community's deep-rooted assets into a thriving economic engine that will fuel the desires of our youth for years to come. Further to unite, display and welcome all to share with a community that has pride and dignity, has given and has much more to offer the world."

This is not a project about just a theater; it's about the development of the rich history of Historic Central West Baltimore, of which over seventy sites have been identified, including Thurgood Marshall's home and a collage by the famous African American artist Romare Bearden. This is a community that has impacted this country and the world in many circles to include civil rights, politics, music and the arts.

This project is about restoring a sense of pride, dignity, hope and positively impacting Baltimore and our country. We are talking about creating jobs, careers as well as bringing role models to a community that desperately needs them. It's about packaging our rich history and developing our product, which will benefit from the billion dollar tourist industry. As a City working with its communities this is a unique opportunity for Baltimore to show this country how to rebuild a community.

With your help, we can increase employment opportunities, stimulate economic growth through tourism, reduce crime by providing culturally-focused outlets, careers, jobs and restore pride in Baltimore's past and its potential.

Corporation Major Objectives

To connect our youth and young adults to the history, culture and contribution of their community thereby build their self-esteem, self worth and self-confidence.

To broker the development of the personal and interpersonal attributes, skills, talents, and aptitudes so that their dreams and aspirations are a visible reality;

To connect the community and educational systems to the history of African Americans in Baltimore and the impact they made which is part of the base of todays music, entertainment and cultural make up today;

To develop an economic base in Historic Old West Baltimore that will allow us to achieve the stated goals of the Corporation;

To develop the attributes of our community to make it a tourist destination for the entire world to experience, appreciate and thereby benefiting from the fast growing tourism industry;

To provide for our youth access to role models, professionals and the opportunity to interact with successful adults thereby realizing there are positive choices.

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