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The Royal Theater

Rebuilding The Royal Theater and Pennsylvania Avenue

"Improving The Quality of Life In The African American Community"

Ask any native Baltimorean about The Royal Theater and a smile is certain to appear on his or her face as they recollect with pride the grandeur and vibrancy of the historic venue. The Royal Theater, and Pennsylvania Avenue, served as Baltimore's cultural epicenter for more than five decades.

Opening in 1925 at the height of America's jazz age, The Royal Theater was a premiere venue in the region, rivaling theaters in Harlem, Philadelphia and Chicago and launching the careers of musical icons including the legendary Duke Ellington and Ethel Waters, renowned comedian Red Fox and the emblem of Baltimore blues - Billie Holiday.

Story has it The Royal Theater origiinally The Douglas was funded by African Americans who raised money through a brick buying campaign. In the spirit of our for- fathers we have instituted our campaign "Rebuilding The Royal One Brick@ A Time". The goal is to raise awarenes, get everyone involved and funds to help make this goal a reality. When you buy a brick your name will be posted on this site. Once the Royal is rebuilt all of these names and supporters will be posted on a wall in the project. We thank all of you that have joined us on this mission.

We Are Rebuilding The Royal One Brick@ A Time

Wanda Best Larry Taylor Joseph Daniels(10) Fellisco Keeling
Barbara Stokes Anthony Ambush Debora Ambush (4) Claudia Gail Dezurn *
Dr. June H. Lawarence Donnie Strickland Janette Little Emmanuel Moore
Regina Dow Eugene McWay Theresa Butler Clarice Pope
Richard Lomonico Florine McCreary Lewis L.C. Fields Wallace/Utausha
Garland Suite (2) Wyatte Arrington Sangw Song Joan Blackston
Dural & Burnice Suite Norma Rosina (2) Dural Suite, Jr. Ricardo Griffin
Joyce Lambert Betty Laster Pressley * Vanessa Sampson Lucresha Mercer
Susan Parker Tyree A. Huddleston III Ivy Jackson Denise Payne
Gail Robinson Brown Nina Dow Wilkins Diane Pabich (7) Gerald E. Hinton
Rachel & Bill Hennick (56) Augusta Jones Stokes Dorian Pacheco Dennis L. Waters III
Dennis L. Waters, Sr. Vielka Waters Frederick Jones B. Goodman
Dennis Velez Lynley Bernstein Donald Cribb Cindy Cribb
John Milton Wesley David Baker Adrian Johnson Jerita Butler
Antero Pietha Deral Henderson Jasmine Henderson Beverly Washington
Ada Barrett Lawrence Barrett Genover Rhodes Pam Mattison
Joe C. White Stanley Linthicum, Sr Larry Williams Pat & Richard
Wm. & Rosemond Gilyard Rudy Teal Celeste Adams Homer & Josie MaeLewis
Delores Ford Rebecca Smith Morris & Brenda Mann Gabriele Mann
Lear Mann M. Caleb Mann Caprece Jackson-Garrett Dara Jackson-Garrett
Randi Vega Luther James Perry Joshua Ricardo Perry William E. Coleman
Nane & Menyette Peyton Betty & Floyd Brinkley Joanie C. Cross Rev. David L. Bordley
Mr. & Mrs. Watkins Vernon Powell Linda Watkins Donna Blackwell
Robert R. Gardner, Sr. Vivien Gardner Time Printers Gracie Claxton
Raleigh Claxton Tracie Claxton Walter Claxton Catherine Herndon
Shirley DeMar Elizabeth Teena Herndon Stanley Pearlie
Georie Rudy Carroll C. Conquest Talesha S. Conquest
Joan M. Wright Kendall Pryor Joshua Pryor Justin Pryor
Anita Taylor Anthony Williams Gert & Bob Scott Marc Boles
Cherrie Woods James Ford Anthony L. Gross William White
Amy Davis (2) Greg G. Gilmore Ronald & Augusta Mears Kim Brandon (18)
Chuck Swain, Jr. Linda D. Swain Pamela & Bill Campbell Monica Campbell
Billy Campbell, Jr. Billy Campbell (Tre') Deborah Underwood & Family L. Azania Welling
Rosa "Rambling Rose" Pryor & Shorty Trusty Bob Pellaton Lynn Pellaton Yvonne Givens
John "Pooh" Givens Dr. Charlene Cooper Boston Samuel L. Gaskins * Amy L. Hall *
Paulette Jennings Adrian Johnson Karen Thompson-Braden Police Officer - Henry Hank Wilson
Joyce Fitzgerald Michelle Henderson Jaqueline Bailey Ethel Williams
Charles Morrison, Sr. * Ann Williams Nedia Marine Vi Seeney
Yvonne Moten Damiene Cain Monte Cain Maya Cain
Donte' Cain Faye Pines JoAnn K. Joseph Sylvia & Bernard Joseph
Benjamin C. Pope Rev. Jaimie Harvey Linda Harvey Delores Laws
Feliza L. Cooper Arnold & Doris Hayes Michael & Kathleen Seeney Russell Seeney Cunningham
Joaquin Prudent Justin Prudent Beverly Booth Brown William Alfred Brown, Jr.
Cheryne Amesha Brown Damon Akhi Brown Cory Amir Brown Ayesha Vickers-Brown
Sterling Allan Brown Olivia Beverly-Lynn Brown Lenox William Brown Guy A. Cephas
Felicia Cephas Judy Allen Arthur Smokestack Cookie Britt
Andre L. Wilson, Jr. Laianna S. Johnson Fernando L. Johnson, Jr. Adrienne Diggs
Jim Mitchell, Jr. Rhonda Spencer Lois Wysinger

Corene M. Meyers

Jane MacMurray Yolanda Bryant Damon Bennett

Sylvia Goins

Kenny Goins Wyatte Arrington William & Pamela Taylor Charles Bailey
Bernice Chase The Lamb Family Adele E. Street & Family Chikesha El-Amin
James P. Hyman Robert Robinson Myrtle Robinson Tonette Barnes
Aaron Robinson Sons of The American Legion

Beacon Chapter #10 O.E.S.

Martha Munsell
Vivian L. Imes William A. Jones, IV Robin J. Jones Karen L. Wheeler
The Suitt Family Anissa L. Chase Joann Oluiqbo Nicholas Murphy
Gloria H. Johnson Debra H. Howell Tobie Burkett Jimmie Lee Burkett
Robert L. Burkett Corine Burkett Beatrice & Mike William & Robin
Dana, Jazz & Demond Jake & Butch Jr. Earl W. Miller Mary E. Miller
Joan E. Smith & Family Lottie L. Matthews Ronald W. Matthews Winegan Bankshee
Clinton & Bivins Family Brooks Davis Family Duane Houston Patricia Jones
Tonya McCoy Troy Roundtree Ryan Roundtree Francena Bean-Waters
Deloris Laws Feliza Cooper Mancena Waters Rachel Hennick
Camille Marine Beverly Booth Brown Celeste Adams Loretta Scott
Loretta Gardner Wyatte Arrington Jane McMurray Nathan Dennies
Karen Nelson Mable Gordan Cassandra Lucas Antonio Hardy
Arnold Fair Maynard Parker Yawa Jones Tim Reese
Rena' Sweetwine Thelma L. Austin Edward L. Austin James Dow
Jane Peter Van Buren Chick Webb * Letitia Lloyd
Donald Soh Daniel R Howard, MD Georgia Howard Duward Grice
Gwendolyn McCleave Michael B Lee Dan Henson Aaron Rhines
The Hobbs Family Kristin Dawson James Queen Baltimore African-American Historical & Geneology Society





* Denotes in Memory of.




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