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The Royal Theater & Community Heritage Center
The Royal Theater, a source of tremendous neighborhood pride and the subject of much regional nostalgia, will be reconstructed precisely to its original form.

TRTCH Corporation is developing The Royal Theater and Community Heritage Center, a state-of the art cultural and entertainment complex providing a comprehensive cultural experience while helping to further resuscitate the community's economic growth.

Locating it on Pennsylvania Avenue corridor, only 8 minutes from Baltimore's famous Inner Harbor, and is conveniently located near Interstate 95 and Interstate 83, and is just minutes from Penn Station. The Center will also neighbor the Maryland Transit Administration subway system and bus routes. Residents of Maryland and tourists from Washington, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York will have convenient access to a treasure trove of American heritage and incomparable entertainment.

The Royal Theater and Community Heritage Center

The Royal Theater, a source of tremendous neighborhood pride and the subject of much regional nostalgia, will be reconstructed precisely to its original form.

TRTCH Corporation is developing The Royal Theater and Community Heritage Center, a state-of the art cultural and entertainment complex providing a comprehensive cultural experience while helping to further resuscitate the community's economic growth.

The mainstream media often depicts Baltimore and its residents in an extremely negative light. The nations HBO hit series filmed in Baltimore , The Wire, projects images of African American residents of Baltimore playing roles as drug dealers, corrupt politicians and a city where there is no vision and no hope. While this season's series concentrates on the school system, viewers may get the distinct impression that the system is totally dysfunctional and there are no success stories rising from the system.

Positive Black America

Positive Black America: Baltimore was be an hour-long radio broadcast showcasing positive news stories about Baltimore City's African America communities, residents and institutions. The radio program was conceived by Mr. James Hamlin, a long-time community leader and businessman. Hamlin has grown tired of the consistent barrage of negative images of the African American Community that often appear in the media.

Hamlin shares the view of many that while many news outlets feature negative aspects of African Americans residing in Baltimore, the media often neglects to showcase positive stories or provide remedies for a number of the social ills. Part of the philosophy of the program wasl be dispelling the negative myths and stereotypes about Black Baltimoreans and the institutions they have built.

Positive Black America: Baltimore gave the producers the opportunity to counter much of the negative news about our city and promote the positive people and events that make Baltimore unique. The program will inform the audience of our historic past, the best and brightest of the present, and project a positive outlook for the future.

The slogan of the program is "Keeping It Positive", "Positive Thinking brings about positive results."

Hamlin has his fingers on the pulse of what is happening in Baltimore and has provided leadership on resolving community issues. He retired from UPS as a manager after over 35 years of service to concentrate on his business agenda and to continue community service.

Hamlin has a long history of community involvement and has concentrated much of his activism in improving the quality of lives of young people in Baltimore City. Hamlin was born and raised in Baltimore and a product of the Baltimore Public School System. He attended Booker T. Washington Middle School, and presently he serves on the School Improvement Team. This team of dedicated citizens volunteer their time and professional expertise to help improve the school and the student's academic performance and overall educational experience.

He has served as Chairman of the Mayor's summer jobs program forseven years and has been instrumental in creating more than 5,000 summer jobs for Baltimore's youth each year.

He served as the second Vice President of the Baltimore City Branch of the NAACP and Economic Development Committee Chair. Hamlin was instrumental in designing and implementing financial education series for the public. He served as President of the Pennsylvania Avenue Redevelopment Collaborative whose mandate is to act as an advocate for the redevelopment of Historic Pennsylvania Avenue.

James Hamlin and Roderick C. Willis

James Hamlin served as executive producer and as host of the show. Roderick C. Willis co-host the program in the studio and assist with production of on-location news stories and interviewing of guests. Willis is an award-winning respected journalist with more than fifteen (15) years of experience in the production of print and broadcast news. He has written for more than seven publications and was staff writer for the Baltimore AFRO for more than six years.

As AFRO staff writer, he received awards from the Red Cross for Outstanding Community Service and First Place Award for his coverage of The Maryland General Assembly from the Maryland Delaware and DC Press Association. He covered the 2004 Presidential Elections as a correspondent in Philadelphia and covered the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Gulfport, Mississippi. Willis also received recognition from the Baltimore City Paper for "Best Political Talk Radio Show" his co-hosting AFRO First Edition, a weekly news radio broadcast.

Rod Willis is the founder and Chair of Free State Information & Media Services, Inc. as well as the Young People's Media Institute, Inc. Young People's Media Institute was created to give students practical experience and technical skills in the productions of television, radio and print journalism.

He has served as media and public relations consultant for former Maryland State Treasurer Richard N. Dixon and the late State Senator Decatur W. Trotter. He has produced radio programming and television documentaries for both elected officials and has produced documentaries on environmental justice and other social issues. He has provided news coverage and documentary video footage covering the rebuilding of Princeville North Carolina after Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and the Women in the NAACP Disaster Relief Team.

In 1997, Roderick C. Willis travelled with Congressman Elijah Cummings to the African nations of Zambia, South Africa Ghana and Cote D'Ivoire to document World AIDS Day. He took more than 600 photographs and video to document the plight of AIDS and the orphans this disease was creating on the African Continent. These news stories written, photos and video were used to convince congress to increase funding for HIV/AIDS education.

Free State Media and Young People's Media Institute has formed a strategic partnership with Booker T. Washington Middle School. Booker T. Washington's principal has agreed to dedicate a room in the school for a television studio to be used in the production of a news program. This room can also serve as the location for the portable digital recording equipment, editing computer and software.

Students participating in the program serve as interns and learn the skills and art of interviewing, developing news stories and selecting guest for Positive Black America: Baltimore. Young People's Media Institute produced short news segment each week on location featuring some positive African American youth. This news segment will be edited and inserted into the weekly broadcast.

Students at Booker T. Washington Middle School

The youth participating in the Young People's Media Institute help identify positive stories about youth in Baltimore and the Baltimore City School System. They will assist with interviews and observe the taping of the program in the studio. They will also share some of their positive experiences and successes with the radio audience.

Where didl the radio program broadcast?

The radio program broadcast on WOLB Talk Radio, a Radio One company whose studios are located in Baltimore County. It will air every Wednesday from 1:00PM to 2:00PM starting November 15th . It is a one hour show approximately 45 minutes dedicated to the mission of "Keeping It Positive".

The last broadcast was May 2007 at the end of the school year. TRT&CHC is seeking a sponsor for the show in order to return it to the airways.

Format for Positive Black America: Baltimore

Positive Black Baltimore: Baltimore was a one-hour radio talk program in a news and magazine format. The program features a weekly guest that are making a positive contribution to the development of Baltimore City. Positive Black Baltimore also features individuals who can serve as role models and an inspiration to the younger generation.

Positive Black America: Baltimore also features programs developed and implemented by African Americans that are effective and represent "Best Practices" of programs that improve the human condition.

Positive Black America: Baltimore interview policy makers, elected officials, community leaders, educators and everyday people who make a difference in the lives of the citizens in Baltimore. The program will feature non-profit organizations, community association, corporations and their leaders who work to make Baltimore a better place to live.

On-location interviews were conducted when possible to give the listening audience the feel that they are present where the action is. While studio interviews can be quite effective, the atmosphere is often lost without the sound effect of street noise or the background atmosphere that on-location interviews might bring. Whenever possible, participants in the Young People's Media Institute assist with the interviews of African America youth having a positive impact on their school, church and community.

A "call in" segment lasting 5 to 8 minutes developed and promoted after two weeks of broadcast. The audience are informed that during the third broadcast, telephone calls will be taken for comments. The telephone call-in segment has created "Buzz" around town. The radio broadcast and website also encourage the audience to e-mail suggestions of potential guests to be featured and interviewed who make a positive contribution to Baltimore City.

Positive Black America: Baltimore has developed a website that not only promote the radio program, but encourage audience participation. The website designation is This website has an e-mail address where the listening audience can send in comments and send letters. The audience are encouraged to send suggestion on positive African American Baltimore City residents who could be featured on the program.

The website also feature print news stories, photographs and recordings of the radio broadcasts for those who missed the program on WOLB at its scheduled time.

Those that are interested in sponsoring the show can contact us at or

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