The Royal Theater Community Heritage Corporation

Rebuilding The Royal Theater and Pennsylvania Avenue

"Improving The Quality of Life In The African American Community"





There are many from our Historic Community that have dedicated their lives to "Improving The Quality of Life in The African American Community". Their efforts span politics, entertainment, education, media and civil rights. They understood all of these issues impacted the bottom line, economic opportunity and inclusion. It is only fitting that we make sure today's generation and those that following understand this community is ground zero of the battle that has given them the rights they enjoy today.

Understanding we are the caretakers of this sacred community means we have the responsibility to take care of it, rebuild it and pass it on. At least each of us has the responsibility to make sure it is the cleanest and safest community in the country. Those of us that have the resources and where with all to invest and recreate that economic engine our Pennsylvania Avenue once was needs to be engaged. The time is now and we are the who, there is no great champion on the horizon that's going to do it for us.

Make our forefathers proud and join the movement to continue the struggle. Understand the struggle is economics. Help create jobs, careers, better education and a community that takes care of itself. Help us rebuild "The Royal" as the anchor for economic development in this great community. Tourism in Baltimore is a 4.7 Billion dollar industry and we have the assets to take advantage of that. All we need to do is build the infrastructure to bring Pennsylvania Avenue and its communities back to the greatness it deserves.










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